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Nashville! Enough with the rain already! My son took his first steps on a rainy day in January and neither the rain nor he has slowed down since.  It has been a challenge to find things to do with a small child in Nashville during this rainy season.  After some...

Nashville! Enough with the rain already!

My son took his first steps on a rainy day in January and neither the rain nor he has slowed down since.  It has been a challenge to find things to do with a small child in Nashville during this rainy season.  After some research (and some trial and error) I have rounded up a few of my favorites.


Toddlers and Little Ones

Pump It Up!

Let your child play on giant, soft, fun-filled interactive inflatables during any scheduled Preschool Open Jump. Promote social development and physical fitness while bouncing, sliding, climbing and jumping! Pump It Up is clean, safe and fun.

Things to know:
*Pre-school Open Jump is for ages 6 and under only.
*Socks and waivers are required to play.
*Parent admission is free and parents may play with their children on the inflatables.


Monkey’s Treehouse

The Monkey’s Treehouse is an indoor playground for children ages zero to 8. It is great for casual play dates with friends or the family. Toddlers can explore, climb and slide on an amazing multi-roomed treehouse. They can use their imaginations as they play in the town village, home living area, reading lounge and art studio. The doll houses, train tables, cars and lighted magnetic table are always super fun and stimulate creativity.

Toddlers ages 2 and under can enjoy a closed off section offering soft blocks, toddler slide and many other age appropriate activities.


Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree is a monthly membership (but first class is a free trial) where your child will sing songs, play with giant parachutes, climb, slide and interact with other children of the same age and abilities. In addition tp play classes Gymboree also offers art and music.

They call the sessions “classes” which I think throws some people off.  The class is facilitated by an instructor who will lead you through songs, obstacle courses and parachute time but is really directed by you and your child.  It is a great opportunity for your child to get out some energy, learn new motor skills, songs, and bond with you.



Adventure Science Center

This. Place. Is. Amazing.

The three story building is packed with interactive and creative activities for children of all ages.  I took my one year old and he absolutely loved the experience (and took a FANTASTIC nap when we left!).  Adventure Science Center covers everything from dinosaurs to space to the human body.  You could easily spend an entire day and still not experience all the center has to offer. Slides, ladders, water play, virtual reality, the list goes on and on.

My advice: get a yearly membership.  You will use it.

Chuck E Cheese

Indoor playground, classic games like SkeeBall and Whack-a-mole, plus prizes and Pizza!  This is an oldie but a goodie.

Mom Tip:  Chuck E Cheese opens early on the weekends. Get there before the crowds and enjoy the games, rides and fun a little longer!



Sky High

Every Tuesday, starting August 2, 2016, Sky High Sports turns off the music, dims the lights and dials down the distractions. Sky High explains “Our jump sessions for kids with special needs and their families is a passion project for Sky High founder Jerry Raymond. The father of a special needs son, Jerry has witnessed how jumping can help improve motor and sensory skills, social interaction and overall fitness for kids and young adults on the Autism spectrum as well as young people with Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and other disorders.”



Nashville Public Library

Story Time
Free. 9:30, 10:30, & 11:30 a.m. Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Puppet Shows
Free. 10:30, & 11:30 a.m. Most Fridays & Saturdays.
Kids Crafts
Free. 10:00 a.m. Most Tuesdays & Wednesdays in June and July.

Rainy Day Fun At Home

Some days leaving the house just isn’t happening.  Whether its because the roads are a disaster or your little one skipped their nap, sometimes venturing out isn’t an option.  Below are a few ideas for at-home indoor fun.

And hey! Mom tip:

If you’re stuck indoors for the long haul, pick several of the activities from our list and announce to your kids that you have some fun indoor activities planned. Instruct them to put on their favorite active wear and meet back at a designated spot in a few minutes. Just the act of getting into “special clothing” will snap them out of boredom and get them excited about what’s to come!


Balloon Games

Don’t Let The Balloon Touch The Ground: The rules are simple – hit the balloon up in the air but don’t let it touch the ground. To make it more challenging for older kids, have them juggle more than 1 balloon, or tie one hand behind their back. Time them to see how long they can do it for! This game is great for improving arm strength and hand-eye coordination.

Sticky Wall

Attach 26 sticky notes to the back of a door and write a different letter on each one (in random order). Make a “start” line a few feet away from the door (more if you have older kids), and have your child stand behind it with a pair of rolled up socks. Instruct them to throw their object to try and hit the “A” or the “T”. Players with more advanced aim and spelling skills can try and hit all the letters in specific words.

Alligator Alley

One of our favorite go-to inside games of all time. Simply scatter some “islands” or “boats” across the floor (use pillows, stuffed animals, books, etc) and then have your kids jump from one to the next without falling into the “water” and risk being eaten by a hungry alligator. Bonus points if Mom plays said hungry alligator and chomps after them when they stumble!


ABC Hunt

Have your kids go around the house with a basket, collecting items that start with each letter of the alphabet (A for apple, B for Barbie, C for Crayola, etc) – give them a checklist to mark off each one as they go. Time them so they run!

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