Nashville Bourbon Bus

You’ve heard about it and you’ve even thought about making the pilgrimage from Nashville many times. Each time you kicked it down the road saying I’ll get to it sometime. Maybe the thing that stops you is knowing which places to visit or where they are. That’s fair because I had no idea either. Maybe you cringe at the thought of your crazy friend driving back to Nashville after a full day of bourbon tasting, shall we say, slightly crazier? Whatever the reason, it hasn’t happened yet. But fear not, there is hope! The Nashville Bourbon Bus has your back.

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21c Museum Hotel

Thompson Hotel

The Hermitage Hotel

Urban Cowboy Air BnB

Bloody Mary Experiences

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary! We’ve complied some of the best Bloody Mary Brunch experiences we’ve had in Nashville. Unwind from the holiday madness with one of these delicious brunch treats.

The Bloody Mary. In Nashville, some are better than others and we’re here to help you out with a few of the best in town. Whether you are curing a holiday hangover or winding down form Thanksgiving family madness we’ve got you covered!

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Bachelorette Party

If you’re looking for an unforgettable bachelorette party Nash Vegas is the perfect party spot. There are plenty of hotels around Broadway within walking distance but we stayed in an AirBNB which was great because you can live like a local for the weekend. Our first night (Friday) we went to Bakersfield for dinner on 3rd Ave. This place was great! They have picnic table seating which was perfect for our large group. The food was incredible and the staff was extremely friendly and inviting. From there we had some girls who of course wanted to ride a bull so we went to Tequila Cowboy. This place was incredible and so much fun! Not only could you ride the bull but you could mosey upstairs and sing karaoke if you like which who doesn’t after a few drinks! We ended our night here Friday and could not have been more pleased.

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Distillery Hub

So you’re looking into visiting the bourbon and whiskey capitals of the world as well you should. As of June 19th the Tennessee Whiskey Trail opened with a membership consisting of 25 distilleries to compete with the very successful Kentucky Bourbon trail. Of course the question has now been asked – which one should I do? The only possible answer for enthusiasts is simply, “yes”. Wait, what?

Enthusiasts willing to trek across the countryside could really care less what state trail a distillery is attached to. There are other factors at play when traveling to sip the nectar, most importantly reputation, location and nearby amenities. There are close to thirty stops on the new Tennessee trail with thirteen of those in mid state.

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